Illustration Style: Lively storytelling is my main goal, and defining the right style helps me achieve it. Depending on the story dynamic and target audience, I either illustrate in a fully painted style, sketchy/textured style, or simpler line art cartoon style, ensuring style consistency throughout the book/book series. My overall aesthetics is strongly influenced by years of work in fine arts, theatre, animation, and the video game industry. 
Target Audience: Diverse young audience, focusing on creative thinking and education, diversity and inclusion; empowering friendship, curiosity, humor, and resilience. So far, I illustrated books for:
Preschoolers (Ages 0-5)
Early Readers (Ages 6-8)
Middle-Grade Readers (Ages 9-12)

Published Book Series: Tales of Knipftopia, The Quirky Life of Matt, and educational series Focused Phonics
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