Children's Book Layout Design
By following the next steps, a children's book layout can be effectively planned, designed, and prepared for printing, ensuring a polished and professional final product for the young audience.
Manuscript Finalization:
- Story Manuscript: Ensure the manuscript is fully edited and finalized.
- Determine Book Size: Decide on the book dimensions (e.g., 8.5” x 11”).
- Illustration Briefs: Provide detailed briefs for each illustration. The number and types of illustrations start evolving from here and can change during the project because it's all a creative process
- Dividing Text: Splitting the manuscript into page spreads. This step determines where the text will go on each page and helps in planning the illustrations.
Storyboard and Character Design
- Characters: The Manuscript provides basic information on characters. Additional Character Biography written just for the illustrator ensures unique character design, accentuating their personalities
- Creating Thumbnails: Sketch small, rough thumbnails of each page or spread to plan the flow of text and illustrations.
- Page Count: Confirm the total number of pages, including front matter (front and back covers, title page, copyright page) and back matter (acknowledgments, author bio).
Dummy Book and Layout
Dummy Book
- Creating a Mock-Up: When all previous work is defined and approved, we'll make a digital dummy book to visualize the layout. This helps in refining the flow and ensuring a balanced distribution of text and illustrations. Due to copyright, I can't share the book dummies of my past work.
Layout Design
- Choosing Fonts and Styles: Selecting typography that complements the book’s theme and is readable for the target age group.
- Designing Page Layouts: The basic layout for each page, placing text boxes and placeholders for illustrations.
- Sketch and color phase: Defining sketches from the Storyboard
- Illustration Review: Reviewing sketches and final illustrations to ensure they align with the text and layout.
Passing the work to a Book designer
My focus is primarily on illustrating, and approved illustrations are later passed to a Book Designer. They'll have all the guides about the font, illustration placement and other specs, and I'll gladly help review the progress.

Here are the following steps to publishing:
- Text Placement: flow text, balance text and images
- Illustration Integration: insert illustrations, check overlaps
- Proofreading: review for errors, consistency check
- Feedback and Revisions: client/editor review, implementing changes
- Final Layout Approval: final proof, approval
- Pre-Press Preparation: prepare print files, bleed and margins
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