Short story:
Kristina Đenadić (pronounced DYEH-nah-deech), is an illustrator & character designer from Serbia, currently based in Vienna, Austria. Graduated in 2017 with a BAA in Applied Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and works in children's books, animation, and video games as an illustrator and character designer.
 Represented by Shannon Associates (NYC)

And here is the long story! :D
My journey started at the age of three, when I saw the Painter changing the world with his magical paintbrush in an old Croatian/American animated film. I said: MOM! I WANT TO BE A PAINTER! And ever since, I've simply chased the artist's path.

My love for fine arts and costume design grew simultaneously and at the age of 14, I was lucky enough to be the first generation of costume design students at the art high school Tehnoart Belgrade. Later I continued my BAA studies in fine & applied arts and costume design at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and worked on movies, plays, and exhibited in many gallery shows.

During my studies, I gradually switched to digital art, and a couple of months after graduating in 2017, I got my first freelance job as a character designer for an unreleased cartoon-style video game. Was it full-time right from the start? Yes. Did I have any plan B? Absolutely not! Was uncertainty stressful? Extremely, full package of anxiety & single-handed responsibilities - free daily delivery! And with that being said, would I do it all again? In a blink of an eye :D there is no greater satisfaction than doing what you love and growing continuously while collaborating with remarkable people from all over the globe. 

Today I live in Austria, with my husband who is also an artist and always steals my coffee, and our shamelessly omnivorous dog who steals, well, basically everything. 
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